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Africans across the continent driven by the challenge of increasing Africa’s share of the global tourism pie. We are experts in tourism branding, marketing, publishing, market research, photography and communication driven by passion for Africa.

About the CEO

Hesta Baker entered the advertising field in 1987, first in television and then transitioning into print where she began looking at ways in which everyone could be able to advertise. For her, marketing and advertising were not luxuries, but critical parts of the growth and development of any institution.

She found the answer in CO-OP advertising and began developing campaigns at the Fort Worth Star Telegram newspaper in Texas. Later, as Publisher and head of the Georgia market for the Guest Informant which reached eighteen million visitors annually, and was considered America’s most elite visitor guide; she used CO-OPs to level the advertising field, creating opportunities for many businesses and municipalities who could otherwise not afford to advertise. As Publisher of the popular consumer lifestyle magazine, Style, Business Liberia and Liberia Travel and Life magazines, she sought out cost-effective opportunities to assist businesses in advertising and reaching their target markets.

Baker has worked with the best of the best in the tourism marketing industry. She once managed twenty-two states as an advertising account executive for Interstate America, a US based travel and online publication for road travelers, managing advertising for amazing campaigns including “I Love New York,” “See Ohio,” amongst others.

An award-winning advertising account executive, publisher and communication expert with over 30 years-experience, she has pulled together an amazing team of creative directors, graphic designers, photographers, writers, editors, stylists, digital marketers, communicators, market research analysts, and strategists to market Africa and its incredible tourism resources to the world.

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